Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Newsday: 5/24

Photo: Tasting Table

My head hurts, nay, kills, so I'm going to make this collection of links short and sweet, or as short and sweet as someone who loves long sentences can make it.

Porky: Hi! It's your good friend Daniel Patterson, again! This time it's not brunch or liquor licenses, but food carts. D Patts and Charlie Parker have parked a food cart outside of Plum, aptly naming it Porky after the only thing it serves: a porchetta sandwich. It runs at $9 and sounds delicious, but I'd probably eat anything served from a food cart with an adorable cartoon pig on the side (it's a wonder I survived "free candy" rape vans as a child). They'll be slanging sandies from 11am-2pm Mon-Fri, which means some lucky soul that works in the area will have to report back with news.
[orig: Tasting Table]
Broadway and West Grand, Oakland
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Best Bars: Esquire announced their list of the Best Bars in America, and unsurprisingly, there's no mention of the East Bay on the list. San Francisco does earn a few shout outs, though, although I think I'd take Rickhouse over Bourbon & Branch (but then again I havent tried Wilson & Wilson yet).
[orig: Esquire]

Andronico's: There are some rumblings over at Berkeleyside that locally-based supermarket chain Andronico's may be have some trouble paying its bills and employees, which is never ever a good sign.  Best of luck to you, Andronico's, and may the boot of Whole Foods crush you painlessly.
[orig: Berkeleyside]

The Chronicle Goes to Livermore: In a rare venture out to the far reaches of the East Bay, the Chron reviews Indian Clay Oven, which author Nicholas Boer seems generally pleased about. His favorites are the vegetarian dishes, although he finds the tandoori nice and moist as well. His one main complaint? The menu having too many options for such a small town, to which I say well....yeah, I guess it's kinda small.
[orig: SFGate]

Update on Home of Chicken and Waffles: Called today, number is still disconnected, so everyone's going to have to get their fix over in Oakland.

And in unrelated news, blogger seems to be listening to apple commands now, so my headache only feels slightly less debilitating. Now I'm going to go try and involve myself in a big glass of wine, under the guise of contributing to Serious Eats' Amateur Wine Tasting.

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