Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Newsday: 8/9

from yum.sfstation.com 
Gioia Pizza Expands to SF: Berkeleys popular Gioia pizza has begun expansion talks, looking at a location on Polk Street in Russian Hill. They met with the planning commission at some point last week, but at the time of publication for Inside Scoop it was looking like a go.
[Source: Inside Scoop]

New Rockridge Establishment: Grubstreet has word of something called Guest Chef coming to 5377 Rockridge Ave. Theyre speculating take out, but got the news from the ABC, which to me always means booze, so Im hoping for a few places to sit down. Thats all I got.
[Source: Grubstreet]

from dishola.com
Serious Eats Tackles SFs Bloody Marys: Although its been done before, and fairly recently, Serious Eats decided to chronicle the best bloody Marys in the city. Zeitgeist obviously made the list, but there are also some more original choices, which makes it worth checking out.
[source: Serious Eats]

Top Cocktails Topping $10: And speaking of drinks, SFist has rounded up a list of the citys top spots for cocktails that are worth the $10 price tag. Favorites include The Alembic, Range, and Comstock Saloon, but I would have bumped Rickhouse up from honorable mention and on to the list.
[Source: SFist]

No Working in SF with VD: SF Weekly discovered a random piece of regulation in the San Francisco Health Code the other day, prohibiting anyone with venereal disease (including leprosy) from working in the food/restaurant industry. Dont worry, its not just targeting the sluttier of the employed—it also singles out carriers of the bubonic plague and smallpox. As SF Weekly points out, at least 50% of sexually men and women get HPV at some point in their lives and one out of six people have herpes, so it looked like some jobs were going to be opening up, but that section of the Health Code is currently not enforced, and likely to be revised. Dont worry, your job is still safe.
[Source: SFWeekly]

Emeryville Market Makeover: I feel like Ive never been to the Emeryville Public Market, unless it was that place with a hookah lounge that served underage kids that also housed some of the best orange chicken Ive had in my life. I digress. The markets throwing in two new anchor stores (one with major counterculture appeal) and theyre looking to spiff up their food offerings. Main Street Property has begun courting food trucks looking for non-mobile outposts, as well as Firehouse Art Collective in hopes of starting some two-day underground food markets in the location.

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