Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rep Yo Hood: Dub C Tees

I am creepily obsessed with this shirt. I know nothing about this shirt, only that it popped up on my newsfeed and I want it, to really rep the cougar-baitin, parking-lackin, bro-friendly suburb I call home. They're only $19.99, and you can pre-order one now through the following sites: 

UPDATE: Spoke with Morgan, who, on top of being one half of the team behind these shirts, is also an excellent bar patron. Her friend Ian came up with the shirt idea and Morgan, who owns clothing company After Eleven Apparel, designed it. They're launching a sub brand called Creep Life, described as a collaboration of ideas from her close group of friends, most of whom rep the Dub C as their hometown. You can check out some of their other designs at:, and check out Creep Life Clothing on Facebook. And you guys, Morgan was 15 when she first started designing shirts. FIFTEEN! When I was 15 I was too busy trying to grow into my boobs and get a soccer player to like me. Morgan is officially one of the coolest people ever.

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