Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Michelin Spots in the East Bay

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This year's Michelin guide has finally been released (I know you were holding your breath!) and Ethan Fletcher over at Diablo* has the rundown here. Need a quick general gist? The East Bay didn't receive any new stars, Commis still has its one star, our side of the bridge does have an impressive showing in the Bib Gourmand section (their fancy way of saying you can afford that shit), and we may be looking at some new East Bay stars in the future.

As far as Bib Gourmands (in and out for under $40), you can choose from restaurants such as Artisan Bistro (Lafayette), Chevalier (Lafayette...remember it's sheh-vahl-ee-ay), eVe (Berkeley), FIVE (Berkeley), Gather (Berkeley), Pican (Oakland), Plum (Oakland), and Wood Tavern (Oakland).

Also, if you're really bored and not procrastinating on your fact-checks/blogging duties (NOT GUILTY), you can read up on how the Michelin guide basically pisses money every year over at Eater.

*Full disclaimer: I do some work for Diablo as their online style editor and write a nightlife blog for them every other week. But also, Ethan is a better writer than I am and you're really better off heading over that way.

[Diablo Dishfull press release]

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