Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Out and About

I'm wading in freelance work until the middle of next week, so here's some quick things for you to get down with.

1. Make Westing is awesome. Mainly because I just learned how to play bocce. It smells like wood chips/fresh cut wood, has black walls, that safe everyone keeps talking about (it was a former jewelry store) is pretty big and noticeable, and the cocktail list into too shabby. I recommend the Garden Gimlet, or the Penultimate, which is slightly more adventurous. There's a few beers on tap and it appears they may have wi fi. The space is plenty big, but there's only two bocce lanes? courts? When I went in just after they opened on a Monday both were taken, but we were able to snag one eventually. May be harder later on and on busier nights. Still...go and try. It's fun.

2. The Albatross has the most amazing dart lanes and I want to live there forever. For some reason I will always trip on the legs of their bar stools. Are those bar stools inordinately wide?

3. SF Whiskey Week has started. Alcademics has a run down of some of the events and going ons.  SF Whiskey Fest sounds great. If someone wants to give me $135, that is.

4. Pizzaiolo has excellent pizza, but I'm not 100% i love the wild nettles as much as everyone else. If they have the fish and clam stew or the halibut fritters when you go, get them. Both dishes are fantastic. If you get tucked behind a server station, you will also 100% not see your beaux's ex dining nearby. Now you know. There wasn't a wait on Monday night during prime time.

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