Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New BART Trains

Claycord's got some new snaps of BART's "Fleet of the Future" and all in all...good? I mean, those seats were grody and I fell asleep on them all the time, so clearly I'm not the best person for opinions on the improvements, but I'm glad they're going to plastic-ish ones. And the three door system seems great for those days you feel like cattle getting herded into the slaughter house, which feels like every day on a rush hour train. And their audio info really did need some improvement.

I don't know...what to do you think? Did you have strong opinions about the BART cars? Especially when that one report found drug-resistant bacteria on BART seats? Damn, I really need to stop sleeping on those trains. Anywho, Claycord's got the scoop on the some of the other improvements/additions.

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