Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tough Mudder Thursday: Day One

I did it. Well, technically Dom did it. We're signed up to compete in the Tahoe Tough Mudder on September 22. Tough Mudder is an 11-mile race, with obstacles designed by British Special forces to basically destroy you. There's fire, ice water, and electricty. You have to dig around in the mud, scale walls and do all other sorts of crazy shit. You can read about it here. Basically, I'm not supposed to naturally do any of these things.

After putting it off for a few weeks, I finally looked at the recommended training for Tough Mudder. While I work out, I wouldn't consider myself "in shape," and definitely not in Tough Mudder shape. I think the most I've run consecutively is about four miles, my push up form is atrocious, and I am no where near being able to do a pull up. My only advantages are my ham hock legs and my fierce competitive nature. With that in mind, here are some quick thoughts on day one of training, for anyone else thinking of competing or really, really bored this Thursday night.

Running: Totally. I can do this. I've run for 35 minutes (the recommended starting point). Sprints every other minute? I've done intervals before. Oooooh except twenty minutes in I was just staring at the treadmill, literally willing it to be over. Luckily, my apartment gym's treadmill is preset at 20 minutes, so I decided to reset and do a consistent speed with increasing incline. And after five minutes of that I decided just to run. And then walk the last five minutes. Basically, I did a little over three miles, I wanted to die, and I have to triple this in a few months. Being able to comfortably run the length of the course is my main goal, since I figure if all else fails Dom can hoist me over things or my meaty thighs will come in handy.

Everything else: Where do you even begin with pull ups if you literally cannot remember the last time you did a pull up? Did I ever do pull ups? Was this a thing people did? I'm convinced my lower body weight prevents me from pulling my body up. Or it's my boobs. Basically, my body from the shoulders down is presenting a real problem here. I physically can't even do this exercise. But if the course is all about planks and squats, I am going to plank-squat the crap out of this course.

As I was doing the training, I kept thinking of a way to keep motivated, because I wasn't really feeling it. I'm not a huge runner, and I don't think just boxing and bar method will get me anywhere near where I need to be, physically. I started thinking of other exercises, classes, etc, and then I realized I really needed something better. And I think that once I announce it (somewhere that people will actually see it), I'll need to go through with Tough Mudder and really kick the crap out of it. I'm going to do it for my dad.

I always think about my dad during March. He'd tell me Tough Mudder sounds idiotic and to never do it for him. But I think I have to celebrate the fact that I can. And I'd love to do it as a way to raise money for ALS research, because watching my dad lose his ability to walk was one of the most heart-breaking things for me, and I'm sure for him. I know Tough Mudder raises money for the Wounded Warrior project, but I'd also like to have my own side project. Just for me. And in honor of my dad. I've actually been really inspired by a college friend who's doing a triathlon in honor of his grandparents, and honestly kicking ass at the training. I think when you're doing it for something more than personal accomplishment, it becomes something so much more. Or I hope. But now that I've said it, and written about it, and started this log of how out of shape I am, I'll light a fire under my ass and taking training seriously.


Running: 3.25 miles - 5 min jog, 15 mins alternating 1 min sprint w/ 1.5 min recovery jog. 5 mins jogging, increasing incline every minute. 5 mins just jogging because I'm lazy. 5 min cool down speed walk.

Circuit: I could do all of the movements except the pull ups. Areas I need to work on: push ups, tricep dips, actually lets be real and say everything.

Food and drink: still eating everything. still drinking. life's busy.

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