Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Favorite Cooking Blog

I've long been a fan of Heidi's blog. I love the focus on whole foods and plant-based cooking, and everything (with the exception of a cauliflower recipe) turns out. Even the things you think won't work, like a buttermilk farro salad with radishes and fennel. Sounds awful, smells a little weird, and tastes amazing. Most of the recipes I've pinned and tried have been from 101 Cookbooks.

 I finally took the plunge and bought one of her cookbooks. I've have bookmarked everything. The book is literally just flagged recipes now. I made the Mostly Not Potato Salad for dinner tonight, and ate it before I could take a picture. That good. One recipe I did manage to take a picture of was the Open Face Egg Sandwich. I love hard boiled eggs on a sandwich, and inspired by a breakfast at farm:table, I decided to try my hand. 

Good. So good, in fact, that I attempted to make a small version after I got dropped off from Alex's going away party. Chives EVERYWHERE this morning. Instead of mayonnaise, Heidi uses yogurt and fresh herbs for a healthier take. I am obsessed with it, and mad I don't have anymore eggs to hard boil...she also gives tips for perfecting the hard boil, if you have ever accidentally soft boiled and found out later when you wanted hard boiled eggs on your sandwich. I totally didn't do this, I swear.

Since I'm not 100-percent on the legality of posting recipes from cookbooks (I'm guessing it's totally not legal), you should check out this tweaked take on Heidi's Kale Salad over at Joy the Baker. I make this at least once a week, no exaggeration, and Dom gave it his stamp of approval. Cook this tonight. Or tomorrow, since it's 10 p.m. Just promise me you'll cook it soon, okay? [RECIPE]

Other Winning Recipes from 101 Cookbooks:

I've actually made all of the above, and they've all turned out great. Plus, you can have two servings and not feel totally guilty. Right? Right.

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