Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sinful Bliss Cupcakes Opening

Popped by Sinful Bliss Cupcakes, over in that movie theatre center in Pleasant Hill, this past Saturday for their opening. I mainly wanted to go and pillage the thoroughly ransacked Borders, but...cupcakes (!!).

First glance: Adorable. There were drawings of cupcakes from a local school making the walls all cute and adorable, and the owner was enthusiastically offering out free samples of coffee. I went with the vanilla cupcake with nutella frosting, the tie dye (since I'm approximately five and can't help myself around bright colors and sprinkles), and a dealer's choice of whatever the girl behind the counter liked best. She threw a red velvet cheesecake in the fitted cupcake boxes, I spilled my free sample of coffee on myself after burning my tongue, and I decided I needed to not be in public anymore.

The 'cakes: First, I like that the cupcakes aren't all sleek and perfect looking. I mean, I love Kara's, but there's something to be said for cupcakes that look homemade, with the frosting a little askew. But these puppies are sweet. Reeeeally sweet. I started with Nutella, which is always a nom nom nom choice, and the frosting was just a little too sweet for me. But the cake was the perfect consistency (god help me I am NOT going to use that "m" word"), I thought the ratio was good, and I can't really say I didn't like something if I finished it all in under two minutes. I made the mistake of fridging the rest (which will always dry out a cupcake) and then not waiting for them to thaw, so when i shoved the Tie Dye down my pie hole the frosting was like...solid. Uber sweet and solid. But I think the shop has a good thing going on, there's a nice story behind the owner (Tammie Parnell) and how the store came about, and they're supporting school's local arts programs. So don't be a dick and go buy some cupcakes.

35D Crescent Dr., Pleasant Hill
(925) 689-0200

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