Monday, May 2, 2011

eVe Opens Patio Space

According to eVe's facebook, and now EaterSF, the "neoArtisanal american" Berkeley restaurant is opening up an outdoor patio. Now, I have yet to try eVe, since I was emotionally scarred by my last dining venture out to Berkeley that somehow involved a combination of fried chicken and a very strange lemon meringue sauce, but outdoor patios make me happy. Especially when I can feel my pale skin burning into a world of hurt. Bliss. And for some reason I'm convinced I've fact-checked an article about the place and thought it sounded delicious, so (I think) I'm still dying to try it? Although two-course prix fixe for $33 is a little bit of a reach (into the deep caverns of my cash-strapped wallet), so I may have to resort to enjoying just a cocktail in their outdoor area. Expect the new patio to be ready for this Thursday's Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

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