Friday, May 20, 2011

Apparently, The Bartender Hates You (Still)

Normally I don't take issue with Walnut Creek Patch, besides internally questioning where some of their writers get information (does anyone really say "let's make it a habit!" when going to The Habit?), and I know a few intelligent and talented people who contribute to other cities. But the most recent post from "The Barman" is pretty much just a long post to let you know how much your server or bartender hates you. I don't take issue so much with him saying that even the best of servers may complain out of eyesight, but as a person who works in the service industry, I don't like the sweeping generalizations about who "we" are:

1. "We are college students or aspiring actors or other people who can’t figure out what to do with our lives." Some, yes, but I know career servers who truly excel at and enjoy serving, who've been doing it for years making a living and don't plan on changing career paths anytime soon. I also know exactly what I want to do with my life, but that requires making measly sums of money, so I supplement my income by getting paid to hang out and drink in a bar (and serve drinks I suppose). Don't paint us all out as lost children, serving because we have no drive to find something better to do.

2. "We complain about everything." Uh...I actually like some of the people I serve. No, seriously. Granted, I work at a pretty cool place and not a horrible chain full of corporate mumbo jumbo, but I don't hate every second of my miserable existence while I'm slanging booze. I don't hate everyone that comes in, I don't care if I get a 10% tip (although no tip might be a different story), and no matter how badly I don't feel like giving up a weekend night to work, I almost always leave work happier and with a heavier wallet. As long as people aren't leaving notes on napkins about how much they hate me, I usually don't have a huge reason to complain about a job that people are dying to break into (seriously, people including myself usually work for free or for tips just to get a foot in the door).

3. "We believe the world revolves around this job." No we don't and no it doesn't, unless you mean in terms of our worlds revolving around paying rent, which could be said about any job. Our world revolves around paying the bills so we have a place to sleep so don't have to hook up with the regulars to end up in a bed at night. Unless there is some aforementioned napkin hatred, I don't spend my off hours brooding on the minutia of my working hours.

I could go on and on and on about this article (don't you lump me in with Carnies!!), but I'm just going to say this: just because "The Barman" hates his life doesn't mean we all do.

Feel free to leave some comments over on the original article telling him how you feel:

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