Thursday, May 19, 2011

What to Do This Weekend: 5/20-5/22

Now, apparently I never fully understood what the Rapture was actually all about (not to be confused with the band of the same name that didn't even capitalize on it for a show), I just knew that guy standing on a freeway overpass holding a sign was CREEPY. Now that I'm learning all of the God-loving folk go to Heaven and the rest of us kick it down here getting tortured by the devil, I'm strangely ok with it. Here's some fun things to do before the agony (let's be real, where you goin? NOWHERE), or to do after we realize this was all just a date picked arbitrarily (but the numbers!!). 

Friday, May 20th:
Oakollectiv: Oakollectiv, a pop-up shop put together by designers Penelope Adibe and Rachel Konte, will be kicking off its brief 90 day run tonight. Both designers came to Oakland by way of Europe, and judging from the pictures look to be slinging some versatile and breezy summer tops and dresses for the ladies and some casual but classy zip-ups and tees for the boys. If you read their blog you can tell some serious love went into creating something so temporary, from the murals down to the homemade planter boxes. According to their facebook page, DJ Leydis will be spinning the whole opening. 4-8pm
1427 Broadway Ave, Oakland

Saturday, May 21:
Zombie Crawl to Save Oakland Library: In what may be my favorite idea for a fundraiser ever, some geniuses have thought of organizing a Zombie Crawl to help save the 14 Oakland libraries scheduled to close under Mayor Quan's budget proposal. Like their event page states, "zombies need brains. Libraries feed brains. Zombies support the Oakland Public Library." Participants are encouraged to bring signs with slogans like "Keep Oakland's brains delicious! Save the library," although I'm sure creativity with your sign is appreciated. 7:30pm. 
20th and Telegraph, Oakland
event website
to learn more about the library situation, go to:

Sunday, May 22nd:
DooF a Palooza: I feel like I keep seeing this event pop up errrrwhere, which means there must not be a whole lot going on on Sunday or it's really great (or it used to be held at Google HQ). I don't particularly like children OR musicians (and where there are children and music there are clowns), but if you're a fan of playing with your food and watching chefs awkwardly try and engage with the general public, swing by this free event to watch kids launch meatballs out of cannons and families enjoy good clean fun while learning about the benefits of locally-sourced food. There are actually a lot of fun sounding things, like dancing and making butter, harvesting honey, and trying to make it through an obstacle course before being pelted by a gigantic BEET, but that's only before I realize I'll be 20 years older than everyone else doing these things and I ain't that old. 10am-5pm.
Jack London Square, Oakland

And if all else fails, you can always pay $20 to look at art you can't afford at artMRKT in SF this weekend(that only took me three tries to spell and capitalize properly):

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