Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Linkage

Concord: You may want to avoid the Quick Check Cashing store on Clayton Road on Sunday nights, at least until they catch the "very tall black male adult in his 20s with a black beanie" who robbed the place at gun point. (Claycord)

Oakland: Plum is now open for brunch, Plum Bar coming sooner rather than later (look for it in August). (Tablehopper)

Berkeley: Phil's Sliders, which promises to be "more organic than In-N-Out, with a twist," is looking to open on Shattuck next month. I'm a big fan of people who love their dads and s'mores bars, so this news excites me. (Berkeleyside)

Oakland: Zagat names Lake Chalet one of the best bay area outdoor dining spots, to which I say "meh," but I appreciate them throwing some love in the East Bay direction. (Zagat)

Pleasant Hill: Tell CalTrans to get out of your handicapped spots. I know you have it in you, because an asian guy driving a gargantuan minivan once asked me to re-park in the garage by the movies because he couldn't get into his crooked car.

Oakland: 7x7 tells people to actual try leaving the city, are also big fans of Lake Chalet. I'm more swayed by their case for Piedmont Springs.

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