Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where to Drink: Bay to Breakers

Those willing to brave crowds, piss, and exposed genitalia are in for a treat this weekend, because Bay to Breakers is back to test your bladder's fortitude and liver's perseverance. Here are some helpful resources to ensure youre well hydrated and adequately numbed to what I consider a fantastic display of hedonism under the guise of exercise.

Last year, 7x7 compiled a list of bars along the 'breakers route, starting at the Cosmopolitan and ending at Beach Chalet, which I hear is nice if you actually make it to the end of the race without letting Hayes Hill defeat you. I'm also impressed they think so highly of the participants that they have faith in them not only returning to the start, but also catching a ferry to Marin to enjoy Sam's. Unfounded optimism aside, they've put together a decent list, including some early morning stops at Rickshaw Stop and The Chieftain, which both opened at 7am in 2010.

But perhaps your best resource is the blog Exercising While Intoxicated. The man behind 13 beers in 13 miles has posted entires on everything from a rundown of liquor stores along the race to the best way to conceal your hootch (I'd like a wine bra please). He even recommends the best alcoholic beverages to consume while exercising, but I take a little issue with the omission of Faderade.

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