Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In N Out Coming to Pleasant Hill?

You guys. This is the best birthday news ever, and not just because I'm starving but refuse to eat since I'm gearing up for a potential E40 sighting at simply fondue tonight. The Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce is starting a petition to bring In N Out to Pleasant Hill. Like right on the Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill border. Like right by my house/work. Now you no longer have to drag your hungover butt cheeks all the way over to San Ramon to enjoy a double double, and all your stoners (you know who you are) can enjoy late night milkshakes without driving 55 mph on the freeway to get there (but it feels so fast!).

They're looking at North Main St, somewhere near Black Angus and The Funeral Chapel. Some terrible human beings are protesting about potential vehicle pollution etc, but I'll be damned if a couple of NIMBYs prevent me from smelling like fries for hours after a meal inside In N Out, so sign this petition, and remind the naysayers that I will gat a person who stands between me and hangover fodder.

I cant wait to see the post-highschool-football game turf wars between whatever high schools in Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill are the closest. I remember being all "you get off my lawn!" at the Danville kids creeping on "our In N Out."Our football team sucked....it was all we had.

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  1. So this might not be happening.