Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Openings: Oakland Welcomes Rudy's and "1015 Clay"

Most of you know I work full-time, as well as the fact that it was my birthday this week, so I'm using both as excuses for why posts have been a little lacking in the last week (or few if you factor in Portland). Also, I was gifted a Wii and immediately bought Just Dance 2, so things aren't looking good for frequency, but I do this blog because I love you and know how many of my friends hate cooking. On to the openings...
photo by Kat O'Connor, from Rudy's fbook page

Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe opened the doors to its Oakland location on Monday, to much fan fare from the San Francisco bloggers who probably havent even been to the Emeryville location. They all bring up a good point though, which is how awesome it would be to score the transformed train car dining area, which seats 10 and has VIP access to the Fox. I have a simpler goal, which is just leaving enough room for a damn Guinness milkshake. They'll be open everyday from 7-1am.
For the full story from people on this side of the bay: click here
1805 Telegraph Ave., Oakland
(510) 251-9400

And some weirdly mysterious restaurant tentatively named 1015 Clay has opened in Old Oakland (same address as the name). The owner is Jesse Branstetter, former chef over at Chop Bar. Or is he former? According to EBX, Branstetter has ended his relationship with Chop Bar but is still a part of the team? I get it, breakups are hard, but get it together man. He labels the restaurant as "eclectic California cuisine" and early reports over at Chowhound are favorable. Peep some menu items here.
1015 Clay St., Oakland

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  1. I dont hate cooking, i just like eating out more