Friday, June 10, 2011

What to Do This Weekend: 6/10–6/12

I had a whole long post typed out. Like...spent a good hour and fifteen minutes on it and blogger then deleted all of it and saved immediately, leaving me with about two minutes of work. Thanks. So I'm just going to list this shit because I am pissed, and feel the equivalent of that time when you were working on a highschool paper the night before it was due and your Windows crapped out and you forgot to save and "oh wait maybe it's recovered" but noooooo, and nothing you type sounds the same.

Friday, June 10th:
Bites on Broadway: Food carts in front of Oakland Technical High School. Every Friday through October 21, 5:30-8:30pm. Karen Hester and Elizabeth August giving the middle finger to rules against food pods in Oakland.
45th and Broadway, Oakland.

Saturday, June 11th:
SF Underground Market: The daytime market is more like a traditional farmers market, whereas the night market focuses on ready to eat food, drinking, and dancing (my kind of people). Look for kimchi hotdogs and potatoes in tacos ("potacos"). 11am-4pm, 6pm-11pm. $5 each, $8 for both. To enter, you have to be a (free) member, so sign up on their website.
161 Erie St., SF

Bay Area Brew Fest: $40, unlimited beer. Personal highlights include The Bruery, Cherry Voodoo, Lagunitas, Flying Dog, and Monk's Cafe (anywhere you gooooo, sour beer, I will folllllooooow yoouuuuu). 2–5pm. Don't break the seal or you'll spend half your time waiting to pee. Wear a diaper. It's a good look for you, I swear.
Fort Mason, SF

Cupcake Bakeoff: Pay $5 to be a total fatty and gain a false sense of superiority by judging the hard work of others. Sample 10 vegan cupcakes, get crafty, and take pictures in the photobooth. 2–5pm.
Rock Paper Scissors
2278 Telegraph Ave., Oakland

Sunday, June 12th:
SF Mixtape Society: Yes, I'm sending you back to SF, but I'm hoping you can somehow find yourself a hipster to have shameful sex with. And nothing says shameful sex like a mixtape about loneliness and unrequited love. Tapes, CDs and USBs all accepted. Theme: "Lemonade Stand." 4–6pm.
Makeout Room
3225 Mission St., SF

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  1. Don't forget the Livermore Rodeo!