Friday, July 8, 2011

Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar at Stanford's

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I swear Stanford's keeps on getting better. They're already killing it on their happy hour, but I sadly rarely make it for the drink portion (they run the food happy hour again from 9pm–close) since I usually work until 5:30. So Stanford's went, "Hey, Kristen. Don't be sad! We're going to bring you something awesome on the weekends, when you are usually suffering from a sleep hangover or hangover hangover from closing the bar at 3am." They're rolling out BYOBMB (Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar) this Saturday and Sunday, from 11am–2pm, and continuing for the foreseeable future.

When I called, the girl on the phone said they'll have all the usual Bloody Mary stuff, as well as additional hot sauces and juices to customize yours up how you like, and you know bars/restaurants never make them spicy enough. You can also try making special requests for ingredients (bacon? a small salad's worth of garnish?) and if you're charming enough they just may include it in the future. I'm busy Saturday at a media event (I'm fancy!) but you can probably catch me there on Sunday, especially if they whip out the horseradish.

Stanford's at Walnut Creek
1300 South Main, Walnut Creek
(925) 944-0895

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  1. thank you for keeping me informed of where to get schlotzki'd. I appreciate your sharing of knowledge and stories