Friday, July 8, 2011

Opening: Japanese, Bread, Mexican, and Cupcakes

I haven't exactly made it a secret that I have a full-time job, and I can't blog at work so I do all of this in my off time and schedule things to publish the next day. When I hear about a restaurant opening, I just save the link and when I've had a busy week things tend to pile up QUICK. So here's everything that's opened while you've been working, or nursing your hangover, or doing whatever unemployed people do (not to imply you all are unemployed, but to be inclusive).

Already Open:
photo from SuperCarnitas
Kiraku: Their website is terribly unhelpful, but it looks like they opened July 1 near the UC Berkeley Campus and some early Yelpers have the scoop. The food is described as "Japanese-influenced with a twist," and includes dishes like ramen, roasted pork belly, and something called okonomiyaki. There's also word of a sake menu and Asahi on tap.
[source: Tablehopper]
2655 Telegraph Ave at Parker, Berkeley

B-Dama: It's looking like, from early reports on Chowhound, that the upcoming izakaya from the people over at Geta is less "coming soon" and more "newly opened." Right now, it's sounding like a lot of grilled chicken skin and beef tongue, but anyone nearby who wants to go check it out will be my hero, Enrique Iglesias-style.
[source: Chowhound]
4301 Piedmont Ave., Oakland

Panera Bread: They opened another Walnut Creek location back at the end of June, and I just haven't cared enough to write anything. But hey, they have free wi-fi, and are open until 9pm on most days! They also have a drive-thru window, which actually increases my level of caring from none to mildly interested. Check it out in the Countrywood shopping center.
[source: Walnut Creek Patch]

Opening Today: 
Cosecha Cafe: located in Swan's market in Old Oakland. Expect dishes like pork belly tacos, pozole, and torta ahogada. They'll also have a two dollar menu for their opening.
[source: Tablehopper]
907 Washington St., Oakland

Coming Soon:
french toast and maple bacon cupcake
James & the Giant Cupcake: Opening next to Actual Cafe this Monday (pending final inspections), this cupcake joint (formerly a delivery-only venture) is starting off with basic cupcakes and will venture into more creative flavors once the shop gets established. They also offer one vegan cupcake and one gluten-free option.
6326 San Pablo Ave., Oakland
[source: WTF]

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