Friday, July 22, 2011

New Recurring Blog: SF Blogs Hate Us

Mr. Trebek shows up when you search for mean people in google

And in a new post I'd like to title "SF Blogs Hate Us," I'll try and keep up on every time a transplant from somewhere else now living in SF makes a reference to how much they hate/are scared of/think they're better than the East Bay. Today's post comes from SFist, which could probably run a certification course in shitting on their friends across the bay. Along with SF, Oakland was named one of the 10 most walkable cities in the USNot one to share, SFist promptly poo poos the notion that anyone would dare walk the streets past 6pm. And no one goes downtown unless they work there? I get that you guys hate crossing the bridge now that you live in the city, but Oakland's not quite the lawless town you remember. I'll give you that more people in Oakland have cars, but please don't try and make it seem like all of Oakland is scary at night and downtown's got tumbleweeds rollin' across the street while people are a rapin' and a muggin' white people and a smokin' crack every which way you turn. But hey, thanks for clarifying that Rockridge and Grand/ Lakeshore are (somewhat) okay.

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