Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Newsday: 7/19

If I somehow pull of the impossible and post this in the next 30 minutes, this will truly be a Tuesday Newsday. Otherwise, I’m going to use food poisoning and a busy weekend as excuses for why this showed up on a Wednesday and you can’t stop me. No, literally, you can’t, I need an excuse to sample Bloody Marys and have D keep our team afloat as we try and track down the best trivia night. Oh, and this is all about Oakland. Sorry!

Linden Street Brewery Expands: In an interview, owner and beer badass Adam Lamoreaux shared that Oakland-based Linden Street Brewery is experiencing mad growth rates and hopefully looking to open up a tasting room sometime in the near future. According to their Facebook page, Adam and Co. met with the planning commission earlier in this month, and the word along the rumor mill is that they’re looking at a September 1 open date. Also, Adam’s a big fan of Death and Taxes. Now you know. For now, you can find them at Heinhold’s, The Missouri Lounge, and others like Boot and Shoe Service, which brings me to my next point…
[Source: Eater]
95 Linden St. Suite 7/8, Oakland

Boot and Shoe Service Also Expands: Contrary to any assumptions I formed due to the bum making camp in front of their restaurant, Boot and Shoe service has opened their café space next door. They broke in the space last Tuesday and have been dishing out normal café fare, like coffee (fancy Sightglass coffee) and granola, but none of the hot stuff yet. I really tried to stop by, but they’re closed on Monday and that’s the only night nearby bar The Alley has trivia. 7am–2pm.
[Source: Inside Scoop]
3308 Grand Ave., Oakland

Awaken Café is Back! (sorta): Until their full café, beer, and wine bar opens in October, Awaken Café will be running a cart weekday mornings and show nights over at The Fox. They rolled it out last Friday. Monday–Friday, 8–10pm.
[Source: Oakland Living]
1429 Broadway at 15th, Oakland

Also: The Chronicle sullies itself with boxed wines and picks out the best, which conveniently enough is the readily available Wine Cube, sold at Target. And Dishcrawl, the pub crawl for foodies (to put it in terms I understand) originally based in the South Bay, is finally bringing its discerning palate over our way. They’re doing a preview during First Friday (August 5) and only dishing the starting location two days before the event, granted you bought a $26 ticket. Hope you like surprises!

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