Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Newsday: 7/26

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I wish I could use Jedi mind tricks to convince you this actually went up on Tuesday and not Wednesday, but all I've got is Blogger's back date tool so that'll have to do in a pinch. And excuse me if I'm distracted, but my Starbucks coffee cake tastes like a hint of ashtray. Mmmm....smokey.

Treasure Island Lineup Announced: I was going to bury this in the newsday somewhere, and then realized this is probably the only information you guys actually care about. So here's the link. I'm definitely leaning more towards one day, but you guys don't care what I think.
[Source: EBX]

Every Restaurant in SF: There’s a guy attempting to eat at every restaurant in San Francisco, and I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed. I love crossing things off to do lists, and this Yelper (where he got his start) sounds crazy organized. I remember reading somewhere he’s even got spreadsheets. Good luck to Jason B. and what he estimates are the 4,271 left on his list.
[Source: Grubstreet, via SFGate]

Outdoor Berkeley Movies Chosen: This is shaping up to be a pretty swell summer for free outdoor movies in the East Bay. First off, the votes are in for the movies over in Berkeley and I’m proud of the readers of Berkeleyside. They’ve picked Princess Bride, Up, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Big Lebowski. Pretty solid choices! The movies will be projected onto the west wall of the old UC Printing Plant Building starting Saturday, August 6. 
[Source: Berkeleyside]

Movie Night in Concord: Concord's also getting into the action with their own free movie night. They'll be taking place in August over in Todos Santos Plaza, and organizers are working with a baseball theme. Expect flicks such as Field of Dreams, Angels in the Outfield, and Bad News Bears. Movies start at 8:15 on Thursday nights, and despite what the commenters over at Claycord might say, Todos Santos ain't that bad. They have a farmers market for Christ's sake.
[Source: Claycord]

Zeitgeist has real bathrooms now!: I know a bunch of you (myself included) love Zeitgeist, especially during the summer, and I’m an even bigger fan of not smelling nor experiencing the port-a-potties. Instead, enjoy poopin' in a shack!
[Source: Uptown Almanac]

Beer Gardens: Speaking of Zeitgeist, the staff over at the Chron pulled together an interesting list of German beer gardens. Zeitgeist makes it in and gets a pretty respectable rating, whereas some of the other spots I’ve never heard of didn’t fare nearly as well.
[Source: SFGate]

Oakland Local’s pulled together a great list of places to swim in the East Bay. Looks like I need more sunscreen. Did anyone else go to San Ramon Valley Day camp as a kid? Remember that awesome fake lake where the snack bar sold candy? I wish I knew where that was...
[Source: Oakland Local]

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