Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Diablo Releases Best Bites

this blurry mac 'n' cheese did not make the list

As many of you know, I've freelanced, interned, and filled in as a temporary editor at Diablo, and as a few of their editors know, I'm waiting for one of them to get knocked up or go back to grad school so I can steal their job. All those things, coupled with the fact that I'm quoted in their "101 Best Bites" makes me a little biased towards thinking they did a great job with the list. Initial thoughts? I have so many things I need to eat before I inevitably move to the city and become an asshole (not you....maybe you...).

Of the dishes I've tried—cedar-planked bourbon salmon over at Scott's, Orange Kush from Ale Industries, Napa salad from Lettuce, Fleming's burger, chicken salad sandwich (which I ate again today) from A Sweet Affair, the hot dog from Stadium Pub, fritto misto from Postino, Pizza Antica's thin crust—I mostly agree, and I now have a ridiculously long list of things to tackle, starting with the root beer over at Homeroom (good excuse to get their homemade oreos).

Your thoughts? Anything missing or terrible when you tried it? Anyone care to weigh in on Oakland and Berkeley (my knowledge of good food is apparently severely lacking in this area)?

Diablo's 101 Best Bites

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