Saturday, July 9, 2011

Video Contest: Why I Choose Oakland

There's a video contest going on, in which you can profess your love for Oakland, and if you win, get some plane tickets to get the fuck outta there (technically, they're round trip, but I thought it was weird to convince people how much you love your city in an effort to get away from it). If you live in Oakland or own a business there, upload a 3 min or less video professing your love of the city to Oakland's facebook page, and convince all of your friends to vote for your video. Just please don't convince me. I already get enough harassment from engaged couples trying to win a free wedding from some sketchy contest. I personally love Oakland because they're really gentrifying it up in a way that makes us suburban kids feel safe. Keep on putting dem nice bars in Uptown!
More info ova at zee website

1 comment:

  1. Someone needs to make a ridiculously cheesy video that's got a threes a company type style to it that starts with a host asking in a cheesy setup, "Why do I love Oakland?" Come take a look. (have host give a big come on down arm gesture then fade to black and have random cuts the host popping into frame and Listing places she is standing in front of 'the zoo' 'the lake','the airport, 'the A's', Chicken and Waffles, BART, Jack London Square, Downtown, Yoshis, The Port, Not being Berkeley, etc... haha. Im my mind, this video looks amazing.