Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Newsday: 7/12

I'm keeping this kinda short because I am hobbled over in a chair cursing my uterus. And with that imagery....enjoy!

Anti-Kid: Do you hate children? Tired of them squawking and running around while negligent parents sip on white zin and avoid talking to each other? SF Weekly's got your list of the ten most kid unfriendly spots in San Francisco. Is it weird that a few of my favorite spots (Ike's, Leopold's, and Absinthe) are on there? And when is there going to be a list for the East Bay, hopefully with tips on avoiding the Sideboard mommy crowd? I'm all questions and no answers today.
[source: SF Weekly]

Art & Soul: While I'm still not sure I can be convinced that anything will be as good as the year I went and saw Dredg and Pinback at the festival, the powers that be over at Art & Soul have announced this year's lineup. While nothing is exactly speaking to me, some of you may be excited by local singer Goapele or Five for Fighting, which I thought sang that really annoying rock song Kyrptonite but instead sing the pretty ok Superman. It could be worse.
[source: EBX]

No Bites to Smaller Bites?: Bites on Broadway got shut down their first Friday in July, police citing "complaints from neighbors" as the reason behind the war on fun. But you can't keep foodies down for long, and they were back this past Friday. Attempts to use Oakland Technical High School have largely failed (school district is claiming "liability") and people aren't allowed on the plush green lawns anymore. As of last Friday, the event's been downsized to five trucks, but barring any more NIMBYs getting uppity, there should be a few more joining in upcoming weeks to bring them back up to seven.
[source: EBX WTF]

Later Hours for Concord Market: Presumably to capitalize on the increased foot traffic due to the "Tuesday Night Blues" concerts in Todos Santos, the farmers market will be extending hours and running from 10am–8pm on Tuesdays throughout July. Now you just have to avoid all of the people swinging their lawn chairs around. Concerts start at 6:30pm.
[source: Claycord]

Summer Cinema in Berkeley: Enjoy free screenings of movies in downtown Berkeley, Saturday nights in August. Local restaurants will be serving cafe-style specials on or near the street, and traffic will be closed between Shattuck and Oxford starting at 6:30pm...a questionable decision which I'm sure to forget at some point and curse when I'm stuck going around it. In addition to the movies, they'll have face painting, short features, cartoons and live music before the shows, as well as chairs to rent for $5 (if you're too lazy to bring your own blankets and pillows). I'll try and remind you all when it gets closer to August.
[source: Berkeleyside]

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