Thursday, August 11, 2011

101 Best Bites: #66 - Homeroom House-Made Root Beer

I'm eating my way through Diablo Magazine's101 Best Bites and giving you my thoughts, protests, and points of agreement. I'm starting cheap and working my way up, because internships don't pay that well and cable is expensive.

There's really only so much you can say about root beer. I generally enjoy it. Like ginger beer, it tastes better when it's home-made. And Homeroom does a pretty good version. I was expecting it to be a little spicier, mainly due to my affinity for the strongest ginger beers, but I love Homeroom, need to remember it's root beer, and have to give them credit for taking the time to make things themselves, from their ranch to this root beer. A little on the sweet side, lacking some of the carbonation I love, I think it'd be best in a float if you're like me and prefer that your beverages lead to spicy burps, but if you're actually normal I'm sure you'll enjoy Homeroom's take on an old stand-by.

400 40th St., Oakland

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