Thursday, August 11, 2011

101 Best Bites: #6 - Tender Greens Pop-Tart

I'm eating my way through Diablo Magazine's 101 Best Bites and giving you my thoughts, protests, and points of agreement. I'm starting cheap and working my way up, because internships don't pay that well and cable is expensive.
When I first saw that, of all the desserts at the restaurant, Tender Greens' pop-tart made the list, I was indignant. I figured it was just the novelty, because I've had amazing desserts from Tender Greens and refused to believe a pop-tart could top 'em. I went for the orange marmalade flavor (they were also offering almond? maple? something nutty), and didn't eat it at the restaurant, because the speed with which they remove trays alarms me. I took it home, styled it elegantly on the paper bag it came in, and tried (unsuccessfully) to fake the sunlight that never hits my apartment.
The pop-tart's a pretty decent size. I was looking around my desk for comparison purposes, and I can say  it's about the length of one and a half iPhones or a Sigrid Olsen eyeglass case. Bigger than your average pop-tart, thicker, and a whole ton heftier, with a thick crust, generous slathering of frosting, and plenty of filling jammed inside.

 First bite in, it tastes like an amazing, flaky butter cookie/pastry hybrid. Screw the other desserts (even you, delicious salted caramel thing!), I am sold. I usually hate fruit in my desserts, unless it's a processed cherry pop-tart with sprinkles, but the orange jelly flavor isn't offensive. I could have passed on the actual candied strings of orange hidden in the pop-tart, but that crust is so damn good I just kept eating. Aside from the lack of multi-colored sprinkles, which every dessert could use more of, I'm a fan of Diablo's choice, and remain a fan of Tender Greens' desserts. 

Tender Greens
1352 Locust St., Walnut Creek

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