Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today Is...National S'Mores Day!!

From what I can tell on Facebook, everyone's been having a craptastic Wednesday. My week's actually been looking up, since crazy garden ladies aren't haunting my dreams, but I get it. Breakups, hard work days, hangovers, two more days at the need a s'more. And a drink.
Serious Eats has pulled together an awesome list of beers to pair with s'mores. To complement the sweetness of the gooey graham cracker sandwich, sip on a Belgian Quadruple or chocolate stout. If you're looking for some contrast, try a fruity lambic (one of my favorite styles...because I'm weird) or an imperial or coffee stout. Their writer suggests a La Trappe Quadruple, Southern Tier Choklat, Lindeman's Framboise, or a Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout.
[Source: Serious Eats]
You could be totally badass and make these s'mores in jars [from How Sweet Eats]. This recipe has been sitting in my "things I want to make" pile for the last week or so, mocking me and that blowtorch I've been dying to use. Or you could try one of these recipes. There's nothing fancy because it's close to 4pm and I'm not busting out a candy thermometer when my blowtorch works just fine on store-bought 'mallows:
Fluffernutter Smores [Serious Eats]
Spicy Smores [Serious Eats]
S'more Cakelettes [Desserts for Breakfast] ONLY IF YOU SUPA AMBITIOUS

If you're vegetarian or vegan, I know the Whole Foods in Walnut Creek stocks Dandies (vegan marshmallows) in their international aisle. I've never tried melting them, but I'll go grab some (along with a beer) and try it out. Can't be worse than those kosher marshmallows. Those are terrible.
And if you're lazy (I'm lazy), you can stop by Kara's Cupcakes, where they're serving a chocolate cupcake with graham cracker crust and a toasted marshmallow frosting, or try and pick up a s'mores tart from Walnut Creek Baking Company.

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