Friday, August 5, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Back Patio at Trappist?

from @TheTrappist

Ok, so it may not be breaking, but it is very pertinent to my interests. Word on the street (Twitter) is that The Trappist has opened a back patio, which sounds fantastic because I'm already getting cranky in all this heat. Does anyone know if they have wi-fi? I've been dying to do my work there ever since I saw a guy with a laptop perched at one of the tables. Alas, I have to work tonight, but I wouldn't be opposed to a few Rodenbach's before BARTing back for my shift...Also, can I steal Buzz, the dog in the photo below?
[Source: @TheTrappist]

460 8th St., Oakland

from @The Trappist

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