Friday, August 5, 2011

What to Do This Weekend: 8/5–8/7

Look at all this stuff (“isn’t it neat?)! It’s because I love you guys, and also between my job, this blog, and preparing for my interview today I’ve been working close to 11-hour days. Enjoy the fruits of my gradual slip into insanity. I also had coffee today, so there’s that…Oh, and I know that SFChefs is going on, but I can’t afford that shit and neither can you (probably), so go google it on your own time or buy me a ticket already.

Friday, August 5:
Dishcrawl during Art Murmur: Like every First Friday, the galleries in Oakland are open late and throngs of people shuffle in and out, pretending to admire the art. The Dishcrawl sold out, but you can be really creepy (they only give out the locations to people who buy tickets a day or two in advance) and follow around any group of people snapping pictures of food and throwing around the term “foodie” and mentioning how they “tucked in” to a dessert. They’re starting at Uptown Place Homes at 6pm and at least one stop includes steak sandwiches. If you just want to check out the art and try and get full off of wine and cheese, Art Murmur runs from 6-9pm and includes galleries from 22nd to 26th street and along the Broadway/Telegraph corridors.  
from girl journalist's Flickr account

Saturday, August 6:
Urban Wine Xperience: You’re in luck! Due to some glitch, tickets that were supposed to have gone up to $60 on Monday are still $40 until tomorrow, when they’ll be $60 at the door. I already did a write-up for this for the job that pays me, so I’m blatantly copying and pasting that for you. 2-6pm

Paddle and Picnic: Dragon boat rides, live music, and an ice sculptor. The boats are solely people-powered, so get ready to paddle and get along with your boat buddies, since getting the boat going is a group effort. Free. 12–4pm.
[Source: Berkeleyside]

ImpactCon: Fantastic Comics (over in Berkeley) invites you to celebrate nerddom with them. You get a sneak peek at Impact Theatre’s upcoming production of Cameron McNary’s D&D (Dungeons & Dragons, yo) play “Of Dice and Men.” I know I’m getting really nerdy on you right now, but I know some of you are into this shit. And maybe into meeting some cosplay celebrities and winning vintage Star Wars and Star Trek shit. 8–11pm.

Martinez Beaver Festival: Aside from the unfortunate connotations of the event name, this event sounds kinda really boring. Something about a civic uprising. There will be live music, wildlife festivities, and something called “paint your own tail” where you get to compete in a fashion show/contest. …I think if you’re a child. Anyway, if you’re into beavers (get it? Get it?), check it out.
[Source: Claycord]

Saturday, August 6–Sunday, August 7:
Fenestra Winery 35th Anniversary: Out in Livermore, Fenestra Winery is throwing a celebration in honor of their 35th anniversary. They got ghosts! Or “an appearance by ‘the ghost’ of Mrs. True.” If that isn’t enticing (who are you?) they’ll also have live music, tri-tip sandwiches, and a special release of the 2006 Conjugation, which I’m hoping is a wine and not a sex tape. 12–5pm.
[Source: The Merc]

Sunday, August 7:
Cinnaholic One-Year Anniversary: You guys, Shannon is like, the most adorable thing ever and runs a kick-ass cinnamon roll shop over in Berkeley. They’re celebrating their one-year anniversary (with one of the best flyers I’ve seen in a long time) by offering up $1 Old Skool Rolls from 12–4pm. Get at it! I need to get at it, since she kindly gifted my work (bartending gig) with some rolls and someone (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) left them out in our hot sweaty bar, rendering them inedible. You’re lucky I love you, mystery destroyer of delicious goodies.

Foodhoe, in addition to running a much classier East Bay blog [] that probably doesn’t include words like “spunk” and “buttload,” went and checked out the new Home of Chicken and Waffles in Walnut Creek. Check out her review here. I’m going to try and get there this weekend, hopefully around 3am when I get off work and can see the finest specimens Walnut Creek has to offer as they’re released from the bars.

The Fig Tree (Pleasant Hill): the website isn’t very helpful, so here’s The Merc’s thoughts

SR-24 (Oakland). According to Tablehopper (via Chowhound and the restaurant’s Facebook page), they closed last Saturday for good.

Judging from a rundown of local police reports, more people are getting arrested downtown for drunk in publics, and the po po even nabbed a guy on a bike for a BUI. While I don’t think the police are going all Isla Vista Foot Patrol on us, it’s long been assumed that the WCPD are bored and looking for excuses to bring in easy money, so do as I say and not as I do and either checkity check yo selves or call a cab.

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