Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Humpday Hootch: SF Cocktail Week Preview

San Francisco Cocktail Week, like so many other amazing festivals and celebrations (I'm looking at you Eat Real), falls smack dab in the middle of my trip to Australia, which is a shame because I love parties, alcohol, and rubbing elbows with the people behind the blogs and mags I read. I mean, I could probably spot Camper English from a mile away, and I'd just circle, like a creepy pirate-eyed shark, until I could give him an over-zealous handshake and mutter something about loving his writing before slinking away, all while avoiding eye-contact. It's a gift. 

That's why tonight would be theoretically great, if I didn't already have plans. If you too will be missing from the Bay Area Sept 19–25 or just like previews, event organizers and CUESA will be holding a sneak peak of what to expect during Cocktail Week over at Ferry Plaza. 20 Bay Area bartenders (or "mixologists") will utilize fresh summer ingredients to create farmers market cocktails, hopefully none of which remind me of the hippies who play music and try to sell their CDs. The price of admission gets you samples of any 14 cocktails (Grubstreet assures sample sizes will be modest) plus two full sized drinks made with gin and tequila (please not together). A smattering of small bites will be available, and attendees are encouraged to invent names for their favorite drinks.
[source: pretty much everyone, but I was looking at Grubstreet when I remembered to post it]

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