Monday, August 22, 2011

Opening: Make Westing

I've been getting emails from Thrillist and Urban Daddy, and blog posts from Eater, and I still can't figure out when exactly Oakland's sleek new bocce bar, Make Westing, is opening. Eater says today, and also throws in some pretty photos of the interior for good measure. Thrillist tells me nothing regarding openings but instead makes Super Trooper references, which....hey, ok, and they've got some video. Urban Daddy is similarly unhelpful, but they were the first to make it to my inbox with news of lawn games and cocktails so I'll give them that. Oh, and I stole borrowed their photo of the interior. Thanks! According to Make Westing's Twitter (why didn't I start there?), they soft-opened a few Saturdays ago, and according to their Facebook, they're shooting for a more official opening today, barring any health inspection snafus.

It looks amazing and I want answers! Specifically, I want to know when I can go and drink fancy schmancy cocktails and further impair my lack of hand eye coordination before hurling balls around.All I've been able to pick up is that a bar is opening in Uptown that combines alcohol and bocce, they'll have a carefully selected cocktail list from a Sea Salt vet, and the place is all dark wood, concrete, and steel manliness. Hopefully they're open today, and hopefully you now have some idea of all the shit I wade through to try and bring you information. You're welcome.

1741 Telegraph Ave., Oakland

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