Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm Gonna Let You Finish, But...

1. make sure your dental insurance covers root canals.
2. sometimes, when they start the root canal, a giant chunk of your tooth will just come right out and you're root canalist will yell "damn, that's not good!"
3. apparently, eight shots of novacane is necessary
4. never go to Smilecare/Contra Costa Dental in San Ramon if you value your sanity/teeeeeeefs
5. the promise of a possible gold toof makes things semi better
6. this is why you may not be getting a weekend rundown this week. I'm going back in tomorrow to a different dentist since my insurance doesnt cover anything anyway and I'm pretty sure there is a fucked up situation going on. I have three deadlines this week, and I spent 3.5 hours with my mouth cranked open with a janky half tooth chillin in the back of my mouth as the dental assistants told me I had such pretty teeth and I was too young to lose a tooth. I am not pleased, and now I am working at 9:40pm and have to be back in a dentist's chair at 8am. TRAUMATIC. Just a warning that you may not get much from me until I feel confident I am no longer workin wit a temporary crown that was my barely English speaking dental assistant's third attempt at covering up my snaggle back molar. Also, I think she was trying to drown me. Bitter much? Yes. Back to your regularly scheduled programming....

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  1. Id say shitty, but you probably cant because of the S and the whole teeth situation.