Saturday, October 15, 2011

SF Blogs Hate Us: Why Does SFist Hate Us?

To clear this up....I love SFist. I love reading it, I think the writing is fun, I love the coverage. But I will never get why they use any news about the suburbs to shit all over us. It actually really fucking irks me. Here's an article where they mention Occupy Walnut Creek and laugh about our stupid little suburb trying to join a movement. Feel free to read it and let them know what you think.

Full disclosure: I have a trust fund, because my dad was diagnosed with ALS and had time to save to make sure he would have a way to be able to provide for my sister and me once he passed away. That same trust fund also gets TAXED THE SHIT OUT OF. I pay taxes just like the rest of you, and will never get a tax refund for the rest of my life. I literally pay thousands of dollars in taxes. I highly doubt that everyone in Walnut Creek represents the 1% and that it's hypocritical of us to join the Occupy movement. I actually highly doubt that 99% of walnut creek is in the 1%.

But hey, that's cool. I get that it's fun to make fun of Walnut Creek. I do it too, but it's because I live here and I love it: cougars, bros, overpriced boutiques and all. I just hope if I ever move to SF I don't somehow absorb the same self-entitled crap that gives bloggers the sense that they're in a position to shit all over a town trying to join a national movement.

And....I'm done.

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  1. I actually live here because my rent is cheaper than what I would pay in the city. I can drive my car places and not have to pay taxis and parking. I also dont need to run into uptight people that insist upon themselves like SF does everywhere I go.