Friday, October 7, 2011

Later BART hours on Friday nights?

I've openly lamented BARTs early hours, mainly because it involves me running back to a station through the Tenderloin while the party's still going strong at the bar, but now it seems like the transit agency is trying to help me . Sort of. A while back they were talking about pushing service back an hour on Friday nights, but "studies" found that it would negatively affect low-income and minority riders, so BART put the kabosh on that.

Now, they're planning on giving you thirty more minutes to down another Jameson before hightailing it on home. Friday night service will potentially be pushed back 30 minutes, with an extra twenty minutes coming at ya on Saturday nights. Staffers will be polling late night riders on October 15 and results will appear before a board on November 17, so permanent changes probably won't be seen until February of next year. Thirty minutes isn't exactly anything to throw a party about, but with the lack of separate tracks to run trains on while the others undergo maintenance, it may be the best we can hope for. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

BY THE WAY: when you start to google why can't (as in "why can't BART run 24 hours") the first thing that it auto fills in is "why can't I own a canadian." Good work, people.

[Source: SF Examiner]

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  1. Its true and a great question I have pondered many times , Why cant I own a Canadian?

    Bart should stay open until 2:30 or 3. the city would probably have a lot more people on the weekends that would spend money there.