Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coming Soon: Guest Chef in Rockridge

If you're like me, and lack a little trait called "decisiveness," new restaurant Guest Chef gives you the opportunity to try a whole new culinary concept every two weeks.

Owner Scott Cameron designed Guest Chef to give aspiring restauranteurs a chance to try their hand at running a dining establishment. Anyone with a special dish or creative idea for a menu (restaurants be expensive, yo!) can apply for a two week stint at Guest Chef. Once selected, the space becomes completely theirs, provided they bring in the raw materials for their menu, which they'll develop with Cameron and Mark Valentine (former chef at Bucci's in Emeryville).

The 20-seat space comes with a hostess/cashier and a dishwasher, as well as a full cooking line, serving equipment, and a beer and wine license. The owner for those weeks just has to dole out dishes that will fill the place and churn out happy customers. Successful chefs will be invited back, and the most truly mind-blowing guy or gal will get a shot at partnering with Cameron on a permanent location.

Intrigued? Guest Chef kicks off the last weekend of October with three of the top chefs from the Oakland Fire Department. Even better? All of the proceeds are going to charity. If you want to see who's on deck in the coming weeks, you can check theguestchef on Twitter or follow them on Facebook.

5337 College Ave., Oakland

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