Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Fear and Faith

Did I ever mention how obsessed I was with Circa Survive back in the day? Maybe that's because I don't put a lot of myself in this blog. Well...I do. But I've tried to keep it within a pretty narrow scope, and with my changing jobs/interests and style work with Diablo, I just haven't loved this blog as much as I want to. I'd rather be wading through the style and home decor blogs on my google reader and pinning things to my pinterest than scouring the local patch pages for things I can share with you.

What does that mean for eastbayburbs? I still love the idea. I still love sharing. Things will just be a little different. A little broader. A little more personal. This will still be my space to share all of the amazing things going on in our little slice of suburbia, but there's gonna be a little more style...a little more randomness. Maybe it won't stay this way forever. Maybe I'll start a second place for my life-y randomness. Maybe I'll get a job that pays me to do just that.

Until then, hold tight. Have some faith. Straight up stop reading. I just woke up today and decided I wasn't going to do things that didn't make me happy and this was the easiest thing to change. I'm in a weird space right now. I'm actually dressed like Freddy Kruger. But I promise promise promise I'm going to try and make this a place that doesn't suck.


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