Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oakland-Based Marisa Haskell Necklaces

photography by Christoper Kilkus, styling by Danielle Gold
Ever since our March Fashion feature, I can't get Marisa Haskell's necklaces out of my head. They're perfect for layering, and are one of the few items I can realistically convince myself would have looked just as good on me as on our model. 

Some of my favorites from the shoot were the Zion necklace (first photo, layered), but I'm trying to convince myself that buying the $185 Marrakech necklace (above) would be an excellent investment and that I don't run through jewelry just as quickly as I do sunglasses. 

A more realistic choice? This $92 hatchet necklace. It's like saying "hey, I'm totally on point with my accessories but I also have a creepy obsession with horror films!" all in one go. Marisa had her usual amazing collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets out last First Friday, so i suggest high tailing it over to her Temescal Alley workshop on Friday, May 4 and picking up a piece. Just not the hatchet necklace. You never know what a girl with a creepy horror film obsession might do. A couple of other favorites below...

Badlands, $110

La Paz, $99
Marisa Haskell
470d 49th St., Oakland

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  1. Necklace is gorgeous but WHO MADE THAT DRESS?