Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tough Mudder Tuesday: Running Playlists

I'm uber particular about the type of music I listen to when I'm running. I need something with insane BPM, and if it was emo angsty music I listened to in high school, even better. If it somehow relates to someone who treated me terribly when we dated/hooked up/I was hoping we were dating but they would talk about other girls in front of me all the time, THE BEST (I didn't make good choices in college).

That being said, I also get bored extremely easily, and I'm tired of most of the music I pound the pavement to.  Please feel free to share suggestions in the comments, and, in the mean time, these are a few of my running go-tos. As I mentioned, most of these songs are terrible.

My running playlist:
  • 30 Seconds to Mars: This is War 
  • AFI: Carcinogen Crush
  • Acceptance: Over You
  • Fefe Dobson: Watch Me Move
  • Fiona Apple: Fast as You Can
  • Foo Fighters: Best of You
  • Gnarls Barkley: Gone Daddy Gone
  • Head Automatica: At the Speed of a Yellow Bullet
  • Jimmy Eat World: Let it Happen
  • Kelly Clarkson: Since U Been Gone (truly awful!)
  • Linkin Park: Bleed It Out
  • Lola Ray: Automatic Girl
  • Motion City Soundtrack: Everything is Alright
  • Sugarcult: Pretty Girl (The Way)
  • The Walkmen: The Rat
  • We Are Scientists: It's A Hit
  • White Rabbits: The Plot
  • anything by Girl Talk. I used to run to the whole album.
As for training status, I took a week off last week since I had so much going on with my birthday, but the runs around the Reservoir have boosted my stamina, and I'm up to doing three miles of intervals. Trying to add a mile on each week, and alternate cardio with weights days. I'd like to get up to eight miles before the race, but I'll settle for five if I can run it through hills. Still can't do a pull up, but my biceps are looking mildly impressive.

In terms of nutrition, I had tiramisu for lunch so....there's that. I'm this thing called "poor" this month with vacations and weddings. I've got some kale and apples chillin in my fridge I'll make into something substantial tomorrow. Eventually I'll get a post up with some of my favorite healthy recipes.

Related musings:

  • Watch American Ninja Warrior. It will make you want to do really bad ass things. It will also make you feel less bad (if you're a woman) about having no upper body strength, because most women don't even get past the first obstacle, which involves leaping. Or it will make you feel really bad?
  • I really liked watching Roni's video over at Roni's Weigh, because the entire course looked less daunting, and I was feeling really overwhelmed after looking at the obstacles again. Check it out here. She also has a rundown on her training plan.

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