Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tough Mudder Tuesday: Sports Bras

Sorry I've skipped a few weeks. I'll try and back post a few so I can look consistent :)

not reassuring.

Training Update

Tough Mudder training has been going surprisingly well, ever since I kicked up my workouts since turning 25. I generally run around the reservoir a few times a week (sometimes more easily than others), aim to box twice a week, and I've recently introduced the actual Tough Mudder bootcamp into my training. I started with "Mudderling," figuring I'd start easy since the cut-off point is the ability to run three miles easily, and while I can do it, it ain't always easy.

Mudderling workout, at a glance, doesn't look too bad, but once you're in it, it feels truly terrible. I haven't experienced two such tortuously long minutes since the last minutes of my shifts at Coldstone when I was 15. Almost anyone can do jumping jacks, burpees, and ladder climbs, but two minutes will feel like five. LIKE FIFTY.

That being said, I can generally get through most of the circuit, albeit some parts more slowly, but I still have to drop to my knees after a few pushups, my ski jumps are the slowest lowest ski jumps in history, high knees for two minutes feels particularly hard after a minute of leap frogs, and I still can't do a pull up, so I fake it with a chair so one leg can help my arms out. Oh, and I figured out you can't grapevine on the treadmill. On that note, it's best to do the workout when no one's around, unless you're like my boyfriend and even running in a gas mask that makes you look like Bane doesn't faze you. Then go right ahead. I do them in my apartment gym, and with the exception of a jump rope, I have everything I need to complete it.

Sports Bras for Training

On to the note of sports bras, and only because I got into this conversation with a DD at boxing a week or so ago. The best sports bras I have ever found for keeping your boobs in check (I'm a D, for reference) are these C9 by Champion reversible sports bras I bought forever ago, which I havent been able to find since, most likely because no one takes off their sports bra and goes "oh yes, I will wear this tomorrow, but just flip it inside out." I don't know if it's the extra fabric or what, but these got me through dance practice (yes, they're that old), soccer, and now get me through running and boxing. The looked similar to these, which I have yet to try since I'm so attached to my old ones. I have tried other allegedly "high support" ones from Champion and have been unimpressed, although they tend to work well for light jogs...just not the bouncing of boxing.

Another model I've had good luck with is the Ta Ta Tamer from Lululemon. It has the most special ed name, so much so that I feel ridiculous when I recommend it to other people, but it keeps your boobs looking like two separate entities, and I haven't had any problems with the straps sliding off. It does have hooks, which can be slightly uncomfortable on the spine if you're doing ab work. Another minor thing I haven't been crazy about is the underboob band (technical name unknown). Sometimes when I'm running my rib cage feels really constricted. Maybe that's just user error and I should up the band size, but it feels too loose starting out with it hooked one wider.

One final note about the Tamer: It retails, like all of Lululemon's clothing, at a ridiculous price ($60), so buy one you REALLY love the color of, and don't throw it in the dryer. Actually, don't throw any of your nice workout gear in the dryer, which i just learned, and which makes washing your gym clothes a huge pain in the ass because you have to find spare doors to hang your wet pants, bras, and tops from.

Any suggestions for reasonably priced sports bras I should test drive?

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