Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get Out On a Wednesday

just insert some drunk people here and you'll get the picture
Spring Wine Walk: Tonight is Walnut Creek's Wine Walk, which is helpful to know so you aren't confused about all of the middle-aged people stumbling along downtown with wine glasses in their hands. I was all jazzed on going to this event until I spent all my money on a cab ride and extra cocktail tickets at the martini competition this week and realized it was $30/$35 dollars at the door. For those of you who don't blow your money on trivial things, you can try around 45 different wines, which sounded like a dubious claim until I realized Residual Sugar was included. There are an absolute ton of businesses participating as well as live music from local people, so check out their website for the full list as well as starting place (either Residual or Stanfords, depending on how you got your ticket). I'm actually a little sad I'm not going. 6-9pm.

Off the Grid: Despite some minor snafu's concerning some drastic underestimation on the number of people who were going to attend last week, Off the Grid is back in the Gourmet Ghetto, long lines and food shortages be damned. This week both the carts and the organizers should be more prepared. Check out our original coverage here for an idea of some of the carts to expect.
Shattuck and Rose St., Berkeley

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