Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Newsday: 6/14

from WC Patch

It's been a while since I've posted a Tuesday Newsday and holy cow there is a lot of news. And I have a lot of work at that job that pays me. So let's run through it real quick.

Marie Callender's Closes: And rather unexpectedly and abruptly, at that. People were shooed out in the middle of their meals, servers turned up to work to find the doors locked...it sounds messy. Almost all of the East Bay locations were hit in this restaurant bloodbath, so people looking for pies in San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Concord, and Hayward are going to have to look elsewhere.
[source: Mercury News, Patch]

Il Fornaio Sold: The 22 restaurant chain sold to Roark Capital Group from Atlanta. No word on if changes are in store for the Walnut Creek location.
[source: San Francisco Business Journal]

Largest Hamburger at Alameda County Fair: People over at the Alameda County Fair are attempting to break the World Record for biggest hamburger by cooking a 625 lb bad boy. You can buy a second one for a mere $5,000, but just a bite of the original will cost you $.99. I find nothing enticing about trying the burger, but I wouldn't be opposed to watching the crane needed to flip the burger.
[source: Inside Scoop SF]

Bull Balls at Ben & Nick's and Cato's: My favorite place for trivia is serving a rocky mountain oyster po boy as a special. Apparently rocky mountain oysters are another name for bull testicles. Apparently they're not too bad....
[source: Inside Scoop SF]

Best Pizza in Berkeley: Readers picked, chaos ensued. Gioia and Cheeseboard topped the list. People are crazy about their pizza.
[source: Berkeleyside]


  1. Where can I get pies now, aside from the local grocery? I used to get my pies (minus the hair pie) from Marie. Its a god damn shame.

  2. yuck, hair pie. stop bein naaaasty anon. katrina rozelle, in alamo, makes AMAZING (but muy expensivo) desserts, and you can try walnut creek baking company for pies. And if you want cheap pie and don't care about the quality, I always seem to forget that nation's sells pie....