Friday, July 29, 2011

SF Blogs Hate Us: Sad Shooting Edition

In some of the saddest news I came across today (to be fare, most of my reading consists of restaurant openings and reviews of bars), a man named Paris Powell, who delivers food to the homeless under the name "Brother John, was shot and killed after making a delivery. The car holding him, his wife, and his daughters was riddled with bullets, one striking him in the head, one grazing his pregnant wife, and the other hitting his three-year-old in the arm. Really really sad stuff.

SFist would like to remind us that this is a good indication of how all of East Oakland is today, and then gives us this winner:
"Setting aside the questionable judgment of roaming International Boulevard after midnight with two small children in tow, this remains a terrible tragedy"
Really, just set it aside. Don't write about setting it aside. Don't publish it at all. This guy brought food to the hungry and attempted to better the lives of the homeless in Oakland, setting an example for his children. You can't exactly do that at 5pm on College Ave. It's a tragedy. Don't start questioning the judgement just so you can get a few zingers in about how terrible Oakland is. We get it. East Oakland is bad. Leave it for another day.

And really, as far as I can tell, I should just rename this SFist hates us. I'm looking at you, Jay Barmann. Guess we all know where I'll never get a job blogging someday...

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