Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Newsday: 8/2

July was busy, August is shaping up to be busier, blah blah blah here's your news:

Fernet: Always wondered what Fernet is? I generally try not to question the exact composition of my favorite things, but Camper English over at Alcademics looked into the long ingredient list and pulled out some gems like saffron and a stinky tree mushroom at one time called spunk. Oh, and it's also been used as a laxative and hangover cure. Still a fan.
[source: Alcademics]

Fancy Bagels in the East Bay: Apparently, the bagels I eat in the morning are crap. Spot Bagels has begun wholesaling their version to Saul's and Berkeley Bowl West, with the original Berkeley Bowl stocking them soon. While I've been pretty okay with bagels these days, I guess Spot improves upon the norm with smaller sizes, denser consistency, and increased chewiness—which is never something I was really hoping for more of, but what do I know?
[source: EBX]

Wine Taste in the Dark: Francis Ford Coppola winery is taking a trend I swear I've seen before in dining (or at least on CSI) and turning it towards wine by hosting Tasting in the Dark, a Sunday series where guests are blindfolded and led on a tasting of four wines by blind graduate student Hoby Wedler. There's only three of these left, so get on it.
[source: Inside Scoop/SFGate]

LovEvolution Headed to Oakland: In kinda (ok really) old news, after last year's cancelled events and failure to get approval for the event this year from the city, LovEvolution is being moved to Oracle Arena. My favorite quote of the article: "Attendees certainly wouldn’t be more of a challenge to handle than Raiders fans." Those unfamiliar with the event probably don't own day-glo fishnets, furry boots, or pacifiers, and I'd like to congratulate you.
[Source: SF Examiner]

Mission Missed Connections: I'll admit it. I love reading missed connections. Guilty pleasure. The only thing that could have possibly made it better is getting rid of all the old weirdos making rants about their exes and instead focusing it exclusively on the area in the city that I drink. That's exactly what i Spy is. I'm on the first page and I already see posts mentioning Make Out Room, Latin American Club, and Zeitgeist. Enjoy not working, friends!
[Source: I can't remember, here's the website]

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  1. So we've all drunk spunk... haha