Friday, November 18, 2011

Body Found on Freeway in San Ramon

So I'm straying a bit from the normal scope of this blog, but San Ramon is my hometown and this is just too weird, and I figure if one of the five people that read this blog saw something and can help, great.

A body identified as Roma Bhatia (pictured left) was found on the rightmost lane on northbound 680, just south of the Bollinger exit around 8:20pm this past Saturday. The authorities seem to believe she was struck by a vehicle and died from her injuries, but due to the location of the body are wondering how the actual incident went unreported. Authorities believe she was walking along the freeway, but family seems vehemently opposed to the idea of her walking anywhere.

If you saw anything last Saturday, call the California Highway Patrol Dublin area office at (925) 828-0466.

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