Thursday, November 17, 2011

DailyCandy's Playlists to Pump Up Your Holidays

I love DailyCandy. I really do. I'm constantly collecting links to articles I mean to go back to in my drafts folder (clearly, the best place to keep important things?), and they sit there forever with all their link friends, unused. So use this one. It's called Playlists to Pump Up Your Holidays, and it includes tunes for Thanksgiving, the airport, Black Friday, cooking, an "alternative" holiday (I'd like to assume Kwanza, but I think this is for all you out there with a hipster Christmas tree), and a mopey playlist for all of you with seasonal affective disorder. Oh shit, I just saw a playlist with Hall & Oates on it. I'm in.

Playlists to Pump Up Your Holidays

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