Friday, December 30, 2011

Blog Crush: Apartment 34

from Apartment 34
I am absolutely obsessed with Apartment 34. I think I first stumbled upon it when Refinery 29 or Daily Candy was doing a roundup (I can never keep track. I read too many blogs), and filed it away under "Design," where it gathered dust like everything in my Google Reader. But with a brief break from work, which I finally accepted after needlessly frittering away time on job applications that won't be looked at until the New Year, I started wading through the depths and fell in love. With Apartment 34.

It's a little bit design, a little bit style, and lots of other random bits tucked in between. It makes me want to redo my whole apartment. Right now, I'm broke due to delayed invoices and blah blah boring stuff, but I'm feeling inspired to slowly redo the Ikea army that's currently barracked in my apartment. Maybe a move to a new city (with a new job!) would be a perfect kick in my ass.

clearly, my apartment needs work
At the very least, I do need to find a better way to really work in my new life-size Han Solo cutout. I'm seriously contemplating redoing things to reflect more of a combo of pop art/pop culture...throw in some Jonathan Adler accessories, scrape my brain for remnants of what I remember about Pop Culture from that art class I took in college....

From Refinery29
Ideally, in a world where I was rich, I'd have a bookcase out in my living room filled with color-coordinated collections of classics, mod touches, and something creative to do with the stack of magazines mysteriously multiplying in the corner of my entertainment center.

If you want a serious dose of inspiration, peek the blog. I already am contemplating the feasibility of moving around my entire living room.

Apartment 34


  1. oh my, just discovered this incredibly kind write up and you totally made me blush. Thanks so so much! xo Erin

  2. thank YOU. your blog is so inspiring (although you wouldn't know it by the the sorry state of my apartment at the moment). Keep being amazing! -Kristen