Thursday, January 5, 2012


  • Because I'm addicted makes putting on fake eyelashes look way easy, although I will counter with the fact that my way means you can sleep in them and wear them the next day if hangover dictates. Just sayin'... Link
  • Ultimate photo bomb ('s a far away tiny peen) Link
  • My favorite Top Chef Masters judge and chic-est foodie ever Ruth Reichl: "I’m totally miserable if I don’t have a cat." Link
  • I never made it to Murio's, but can I still be sad it's no longer a dive? Just pleeeeease don't touch Molotov's. Link
  • The Chronicle Wine competition winners include a Livermore Valley cab! And none of the bottles cost more than $40! Wine for us plebeians; I like. Link 
  • Post Punk Kitchen releases their list of the 100 best vegan things. You all made a resolution to eat healthier, right? Giving up animal products isn't a bad way to go, although I do still get some shade for going back to omni. Link
  • Gold Dust Lounge getting evicted?!? I had a drink there once on New Year's eve ages ago and thoroughly enjoyed the bar and its assortment of old leery men, so this makes me sad. Save Gold Dust! Link

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