Friday, July 6, 2012

Givenchy Resort 2013

While hunting for some photos to include with a blog on how to pronounce designer names (Fun fact: the whole time I was explaining the post to my style intern I kept using Herve Leger as an example and I was still butchering it), I stumbled across these photos from the Givenchy Resort 2013 collection and I am blown away.

I've been way too into head-to-toe prints ever since I convinced myself that buying a flowy top and flowy shorts in the same print from H&M would be a good idea, so I am all on board with Givenchy's large and colorful florals. Also, I keep getting a Baz Lurhmann's Romeo + Juliet vibe from them. Venice ganster vibe? That's not right, but I feel what I feel mkay? I also feel like I could do without the hats and that last mullet skirt. I'd love to pair the sweater in the fourth photo with dark skinny jeans and motorcycle boots, but I can't just grab money off of my money tree so I'm going to have to wait for Urban or H&M to produce a decent knockoff.

all photos courtesy of Givenchy

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